30 August, 2011

My first photo exhibit!

My first photo exhibit at the opening night! I love these girls and for all their support.
 I was honored to be asked to join these two photographer's in a group photo exhibit.
I'm so thankful to them for letting me experience my first exhibit!
 ..and thank you to the best model in the world! Who is the subject in my photos for the exhibit
Earlier in the day
It was a very memorable night indeed.
and did I forget to mention that Clara surprised us all that night?
She had already flew in from Manila back to Bacolod. We had no clue. It was epic.

Recent Purchase/Random:.

Clara had given me a cropped top from Forever 21 as a belated birthday present! 
Jodi had also bought me a belated birthday present from her trip to Canada!

I had recently decided to try out in2it's gel eyeliner pencil made from Germany
since my sister says it's the best so far that doesn't smudge like the rest

I was lacking the perfect shoes for my new maxi skirt and I didn't want it to be too
formal and these looked perfect!
I love my new black maxi skirt!
I found this shirt at a thrift store it's knit,cropped & stripes!

 Wooptie-doo! My photo has 1k notes on Tumblr!
Darn good looking ei?

17 August, 2011

Afternoon's like these..

August 15 '11
It was Jodi's first sleepover at my place. We watched movies til 5am, in the morning.
The next day, Jodi taught my sister & I how to long board.
It was very thrilling, I bruised my shoulder.  

 This is the most decent photo of the three of us.

We spent the rest of the day eating yogurt, attended Jodi's church in the evening for a very special service.
Truly was amazing, then Jodi treated us to chicken inasal for dinner!

12 August, 2011

Brainstorm Week

August 8,9,11 2011
August 8 2011

August 9 2011
It was the first time we had started planning with Jodi,Johnny,Clarissa & I for the
scripture video contest for Jodi's school. We decided to go out and get some inspiration which is food. Of course. I mean what else help's you think better than food? Sadly, we realized ice cream didn't help our brain juices flow at all. All I did feel, was hungry for McDonald's. That's where We went after the whole brain storming session that lasted 5 hours. We decided to resume on Thursday..

 August 11 2011
So, it's Thursday and we have resumed to start brain storming again for the scripture video contest.
First thing we could think of was, food! We had walked across the street to grab a box of donuts,hot chocolate and icey choco. We got back to work right away, totally changed our whole concept from last Tuesday. Surprisingly we figured out doughnut's help the brain juices flow so much. We're definitely excited to start shooting next week!
We appear to be in deep thought.

Sucker Punch

August 6 2011
Talent: Nathaly Exaltado
Hair & Make up: Clarissa Campos
Styling: Clarissa and I