28 June, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Man, 80's movies are so refreshing! I don't really have much to say about
about the movie pretty typical but in an 80's way that makes you "kilig"
watched it two nights straight!
I just couldn't get over Andrew McCarthy in the movie! I wish He stayed
young forever.. His big eyes and charming smile It made me feel like floating 

27 June, 2011

Manila Purchases :.

I decided to post all my purchases from Manila in one blog entry than scattered 
around with my other blog entries this seems more organized


Me & Seed where at Mall Of Asia one day and We passed by this store that caught our
eyes it was called GreaterGood and we found out that for any top you buy 10% goes to different types of charities it depends on what design you get that's the charity it goes to it's an amazing
concept and it's actually affordable and the shirt's have really awesome designs and after
the ladies explained everything to us I couldn't leave the store without purchasing at least one item!
You guys need to head to Mall Of Asia and check out their store! 

Got these babies at Greenhills theyre very affordable and fit perfectly I saw the same Toms
back in Bacolod but the price was a bit higher unlike in GH it was so much lower and 
I really was happy to see these grey toms with the type of texture I was looking for 


Bought this band? If that's what you call it? at ATC (Alabang Town Center
I really like it's mint green color I haven't taken it off for almost half a month now!

This one I purchased at Cash and Carry It's a mall that just sell's imported goods
I actually bought two but I gave one away to a friend the price to buy one of these
in Bacolod is way much more pricier and I feel so ripped off but in Manila
it's way cheaper anyway, I bought two new fragances that just came out this one is called  
Carried Away and it smells strong and sweet in a way the other one was more fruity and fresh!


Okay, so this was for free Haha! I've always wanted one of these Krispy Kreme hats!

My aunt gave me Paris Hilton's collection of perfume's and lotions before I left
and there where others like shower gel's and etc but I decided to give it to my Mom &I just kept the
lotion and perfume and I haven't tried it out yet! I'm saving it for special occasions 
I had almost no space in my luggage for it and I did everything I could to take it home
with me and make space in my luggage! Haha! I am so thankful :)

Aaaah! I've been wanting to get a pair of grey sweatpants for a while now and knowing I was 
going to Manila I made sure to save some money to get a pair and I could only find them at Forever 21
and I was freaking out that they don't have stock anymore but under a pile I was able to find
one left in the color I wanted! Phew!

As you might know Forever 21 recently I believe started selling make up 
and I was able to check some out and I really wish I could buy it all! It
all looked so gooood but my time was limited and I just decided to buy 
this pack of lipgloss' for pasalubong for my friends back in Bacolod
Don't they look lovely?

It has come to an end ~

June 19 2011
 Now, getting to the end of my trip this was the day before I left on June 20 I had a girl's day out with my aunt and We went mall hopping and I was able to have one last frostie at Wendy's and then ofcourse there's Pancake House for lunch! Haha I think
I visited Pancake House over 5 times in a month possibly?
We had lunch at Cash and Carry and I found out they sell imported goods there that's way cheaper than getting it here in Bacolod where they double the price! I feel so ripped off here. I was able to buy 2 imported perfumes for the price of one imported perfume here in Bacolod! and new fragrance's too.
Katrina enjoying some good Stick House
 I was so happy to be able to see Iya for one last time before I head back to Bcd It was just the
two of us We walked all around the Fort to Market Market and then settled to have dinner
at My Spaghetti House I think that was the name? We conversed about a ton of stuff
til it was time to head to the  Every Nation building when the service ended I was able
to see Piolo Pascual,KC Conception & Mark Bautista come down the escalator and sadly
no I don't have any pictures Haha! Big thanks to Iya for making my last night there memorable!

24 June, 2011

Much Needed Bonding Time

June 12 2011
Before almost forgetting! I must post about my other Sunday June 12 when Dannah's family 
took me out for an afternoon of mall hopping after church and I tried out new things like riding 
public vehicle's it was fun and We sadly left Seed behind at  church but I surely did need
one on one bonding time with my best friend which We've shockingly never had before so this was something I was looking forward to and I'm so thankful to her family for taking me out for lunch 
 I forgot to bring my own camera that day so these are mostly by shots by my phone 
this was taken earlier that day on a bus my first time riding one in big Manila! 

This Chinese restaurant had really good Teh Peng  
 What I don't get is in the Philippines they call it Nai Cha tea? 

 I seriously can't imagine my life without knowing Dannah (:

 Spotted the most cutest pets that day! Look it has wings and doesn't need a leash 
Chai Tea Latte


June 17 2011
This was the day I moved out of Seed's house and was ready to move back in with my Uncle for a couple of days before I head back to Bacolod They dropped me off at Resort's World it
was my first time there and it's molto bello Haha! that same evening I watched the Green Lantern and 
sadly it didn't meet my expectations at all
 Taken by my phone inside the car  on our way to Resort's World
 Matcha Green Tea Yogurt Nuff' Said.
Before | After 
 need I mention I had a haircut that day and decided I couldn't stand how long,heavy & hot it was 
with long hair I just wanted it all chopped off! And now I feel lighter than ever
and I'm loving my new cut I didn't cry or anything I'm actually really happy and I don't really
cry when I get my haircut but some people actually do! It was my first time choosing to have 
a cut in Manila the salon was called Jing Monis and I've heard from Seed's sister & my cousin
that Anne Curtis and various models have their haircut's there and I really liked the service and 
they do listen to you and I can converse well with them I recommend everyone to try them out!

Lunar Eclipse

June 16 2011
 Seed and I prepared for the Lunar Eclipse happening that evening I didn't bring a zoom lens
and this was taken when it was just about to start please do excuse my epic fail photo of the moon 
I don't actually have a photo of it when the moon turned red but it sure was something to see! We woke up at around 3am sat outside by the pool playing John Mayer and seeing the moon change but by 4am
We decided to head back to sleep and just wake up again to check if it had turned red

Around The Neighborhood

June 15 2011
This was the day I was supposed to humiliate myself at McDonald's but God loves me so much
He closed down McDonald's that day Haha! So We decided to eat an Pancake House after a
long walk to McDonald's and then walk the dogs and take a bunch pictures around the neighborhood