29 March, 2011

Catching Up With Chanel!

Okay so I had went on a camera frenzy :| since Chanel owns a canon I just took it into my hands and wouldn't stop clicking away! I want a canon so bad it doesn't show your flaws at all :(

from my Nikon:
Oh and after eating we decided to watch Suckerpunch and I'm still hungover that movie! it was..

Sunday to Monday

March 27 2O11 Sunday ---

March 28 2O11 Monday ---
this Monday me,my mom and sister inquired about cooking & baking lessons at Honey Grace it's this little cafe/resto place and all their food tastes amazing and the best part is it's all organic and we're having a hard deciding what lessons we want to learn. For me, I'd like to learn breakfast food like making pancakes out of scratch and for desserts I'd like to learn how to make ice cream cakes as well!

28 March, 2011

Previous Weekend

Hey Guys! how did everyone's weekend go? Well I had a very active weekend but I was pretty chill through out the whole weekend I was asked to do a Gypsy themed photoshoot in this amazing boarding house just here in Bacolod the weather was so unpredictable that Saturday
it would be sunny,rainy,cloudy,windy it didn't make sense! Ha-ha 
and to top that it was brownout the whole day but nothing stopped us! 
Here are some of the final shots I picked out of the shoot:

 Behind the scenes!
 accompanied with other 2 other photographer's to shoot her as well that day! 
Thanks for the group photo I just grabbed :)

25 March, 2011

A pair

We where just given birds! this is the first time we've ever had birds and they don't have names yet :\ 
I honestly don't like the idea of caging birds they deserve to be free but how will they be fed?
Well,anyway I hope we get an even bigger cage for them!

22 March, 2011

March 22 `11

This morning's breakfast:
Whipped my self up a batch of waffles this mownin
I had it with pancake syrup,whipped cream & strawberry yougurt milk MMMMMMMM

20 March, 2011

March 20 `11

 These are like the tiniest cakes I've ever seen!
Sate Babe with peanut butter & soy sauce

Recent Purchases:
Okaaaay so it just looked cute to put these together but, anyway my recent purchase that my best friend Eunice got me cause she knew I liked it so much she got me that feather braid thing? for the hair! and looook at her GD&TOP album Eeeep! I have all the songs in my iTunes now thanks Eunice<3


Alyssa Bernal - Cali Cali Cali
I just found about this song a few days ago and I really like the acoustics in this
it's really chill and good for summer!

Struts @ 18

So lately this previous weekend has been hectic and tiring but it was all worth it because my childhood friend
Shannen asked me to be her photographer at her debut and I gladly accepted and it turned out to be the  
best debut I've been to so far  It had such a supportive atmosphere 
you could just feel all the love in that room I also made her invitation & tarp 
for the event and helped in some organizing matters as well
This is the tarp I designed for her to put as her backdrop in the party
And this is the invitation I wanted it to look like a magazine!
That's my sister (left) and my cousin (right) They're doing the hair & make up 
for the event and this is the most insane room to get prepared in Aaaah me likey!

Just did the quickest little pre-shoot on the veranda we where running late!
The photographer,make-up artist,debutant&hairstylist
Her dad was the 19th rose and her last dance he made us all get teary when 
he hugged her tightly with such love I couldn't focus the camera 
well cause I was all teary eyed Haha! It was the sweetest moment

 So these are just some of photos Ima show you from the 350 shots I took that night! 
my wrist hurt by the end of night my camera is way too HEAVY

16 March, 2011

We be makin' waffles

My sister's & I made chocolate chip waffles the other day
and I made some GIF's enjoy! tell me if they work

Oh, and this is my dog Fudge look how his ear moves
when he hears the clickie sound from the camera <3

13 March, 2011

A little thing called love

I just finished watching this thai movie called "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" 
and I recommend this for everyone! 
If you wanna cry,scream,laugh & get kilig! this is it :) Aaaaaaaaah..