28 May, 2011

Random Updates

Well would you take a look at these scrumptious beauties! 
 Red Velvet's & Sugar Free Chocolate Cupcakes <3

R E C E N T  P U R C H A S E 
Okay, so I've decided to switch my primer before going to Manila
cause the last one I bought from the faceshop was so heavy on my face and
It appears whiter than usual on my skin but it did have collagen! 
But anyway I don't really need that for my age this one is less sticky and clear 
so I can't wait to see the effect it will have on my face!

25 May, 2011

Set Fire To Rain

Talent: Isabella Jaeger
Photographer: Me
MUA & Hair: Clarissa Campos
My first collaboration with Japoi Cequina & Melanie Mascunana
This shoot is inspired by Kesha's Take It Off music video!

B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S

23 May, 2011

Seed's Trip Developed!

Seed's film shots are finally developed and here are some shots we took during her stay here
I like this shot a lot! Haha it was really interesting seeinga kid in
swimming attire use the elevator it looked perfect for those lomo type shots LOL
my red toms
Me with Seed's underwater film camera called "Hufflepuff"

To see all the complete film photos from Seed's trip 


These are extra shots I decided to edit from the collab shoot with Seed 

21 May, 2011

Recent Purchase!

I just saw this bag at the men's side of department store the other week and now I've got one! I was so stoked to find out it was 50% off I was seriously mind blown how I got for a real low price than it really was I've been looking this type of bag for months and months now and finally I didn't pass up the chance this time and got one! 
And look! it doubles as a backpack which is why I bought it but as you can see 
in the first photo it can also be a shoulder bag! It's AMAZE and I love it! 
This is surely going to be a favorite of mine
Thank You Lord!
Okay so, check this out it's colored dust from National Book Store 
and a feather from the scrapbook section it's props needed for my upcoming shoot this Monday!
Oh, and today I just watched this movie that I've been holding up for over a week and finally got to watch it today I honestly just really wanted to watch it for Matteo haha! but this movie got me and my sister really kilig which also means giddy! & it's funny too Seriously this is one of Sarah G's best movies but I'm not such a fan of Gerald Anderson though.. I wanted Matteo to be the lead! HUHU