28 February, 2011

27 February, 2011

I am number four

I seriously feel burnt out & drowsy right now and I'm not in the mood to type
but anyway I had pretty easy going day I think the grey weather is affecting my mood currently but happy to watch a movie with my darling Eunice and sister's today it was her treat! :D
 We spotted this cutie! while the car was being parked..He was so happy and jumpy!

 What a grey day..

I Am Number Four was the movie we watched [;
 Eunice took this photo of me and she laughed at it saying I looked pissed DO I?

25 February, 2011


My best-est dearest friend/twin brain Seed drew this photo of me and I was shocked & I love it
Thank YOU! 

Recent Purchases:
 My first ever instrument I've invested with my own money It's a Ukulele! 
I can't wait to learn and play it and It's blue :D

 I've been eye-ing on these babies for close to a month!
I really thank Lord for all the blessings he has given me this week<3

24 February, 2011

The Trio performs Dolly Parton's "Jolene"

Norah Jones, John Mayer, Keith Urban at the Grammy's 2011


February 19
So after the photoshoot we met up with Clara & Jodi to head to the Jazz Fest they invited us to..
it's Bacolod's 2nd Jazz Fest! It was me and my sister's first time to attend one.. good thing we didn't arrive to late for when the real artists started playing :) We got the best seats in the whole entire place! 
Which was the floor Haha! ((: It sounded way more better than far way back where we sat.. too bad we had to leave early and where only able to listen to 2 bands play :(  
listening to how good they play made me wanna learn bass again!!

 Mishka Adams

 Clara! the birthday girl

Chanel's Night Of Wonder

February 19
Here it is! my selected favorites I took & edited from the shoot hope you all like `em!

Chanel Morales & Marvin Kiefer