29 September, 2011

Recent Purchases:.

We hadn't planned to go out and shop that day, but there was really good deals in the mall that day. We couldn't resist! 
I am in need of  brown sandals and today, I finally found the perfect pair! Oh joy!
I've been wanting to buy new black sandals, cause my other's are getting old. At first I never liked
the way it looks on the shelf, but once I tried it on I couldn't resist how cute it looked!
Finally! I found something today close enough to the accessories I've been seeing on Vanessa Hudgens. 
She really likes to layer her necklaces.

My sister and I had a duel in the mall and it was bloody. Just look at her game face.

27 September, 2011

Guess who just got their student's permit?

Guess who just got their student's permit? Haha! I'm trying to get used to this whole turning 18 thing
where I need to get so many ID's for different things it's fun to have all these responsibilites!
 I had my younger sister do my make-up early in the morning before leaving
since I'll be having my picture taken there. To find out that it was just going to be taken by a lousy 
webcam with low light, printed in black white and the photo was small and fuzzy! such a waste!

I was so excited that day I had asked my mom to teach me how to drive the day I got my permit!
We ended taking random videos of it all click here to watch on Vimeo

Doesn't is just make your day, when you see your photo got 1000+ notes on Tumblr? teehee!

17 September, 2011


Exactly how this whole year has been for me.

Oh geez, I scrolled passed her on Tumblr again.

The other day

The other day, I accompanied my Dad to the pier to pick up his new toy.

So, I never posted about my project that My sister's and I are doing. It's a pre-nuptial video for
church friend's that are soon to wed, and we've been working on this for 3 months already. We have to finish taping all the scenes by December. As you can see some behind scenes shots and yeap, that's my sister and friend's soaking the groom to be/birthday boy with buckets of water! It's part of the skit.
We even had cake to celebrate! 
Now, what a lovely shot of the birthday boy. WINNER!

10 September, 2011

By The Way

Just skyped with my best friend's this afternoon. I miss them so much, I want to re-live summer all
over again just to be with them, but I can't wait to make new memories with them too. 
I bet they're having an amazeballs time at they're sleepover. 
By the way, it's Seed's first sleepover without us! I couldn't be more proud. 

 Nuetrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser
Oh, I just purchased this last night. Please do wonders on my face! Your my last hope.

08 September, 2011

Ten ways to love

Recent Purchases:.

I wasn't sure about what I wanted to shop for today. I wanted to find high waisted shorts since my crop tops are building up in my closet, who knew that they actually sold in the malls?  Usually I'd have to go to thrift stores to find hws. They're just perfect and casual!

I've been recently splurging on accessories, which I don't normally do. 
I'm pretty much getting into the beach/boarding type style, now a days.