29 July, 2011

Recent Purchase:.

My darling sweet sister from another Mister,Chanel had taken Me around the mall,
during the week of my Birthday to pick what I'd like for Meself,  I was lucky to lay 
my eyes upon a notebook with a lomo camera print on it from Artwork,the following
weeks after I bought myself letter stencil's since there's no guide lines in the notebook,
 I want it took look perfect I can't wait to use it!
She had also made Me pick a t-shirt out, I had chosen a lot but only 
one fit me best with a good fit and unique color! I know it looks simple,but the fit is 
totally different When it's on a person

Friday's Random Rambllings

So,I'm pretty much feeling good about myself since I saw my photo got about 3k notes on Tumblr!

Her make-up looks divine! I wish I could pull that off.
 They look so good in such casual attire's and I notice theyre both wearing red bottoms
Who can pull off looking this cute while eating a huge crossiant? Can anyone tell me?
This will be Me later on this year,with my big fat new Canon and battery grip. Amen.
This be Me too with my long board,later on this year. Amen.

26 July, 2011

A tour around me casa

This photo makes Me think of how I want my own casa will be like for dinner with the fancy wine glasses setting the food by the window serving something organic and healthy 
This would be my dream kitchen where I'll be inspired to cook only healthy & organic food
and fattening desserts! The rustic lamps and lighting are perfect and the wooden nook table
with a hanging chalk board on the post and  of course white walls 
Anyhoodles,Let's head to my studio in the next room where I like the pipes showing and painted
white with a table at the corner for having tea while checking the shots I took on imaginary iMac
Moving on to the second dream kitchen of the house for all the parties and get togethers 
pipes,bricks,white everything is how I like it
My closet seems to have an iMac in it as well. You know how I do.. lol
So what if I like hanging my bags individually on the white brick wall?
This is a pretty important part of my home so it's a must to have a really comfy chair 
because most of my time is spent Tumblrin' and blogging and what not
My bedroom would probably be a mix of those two photos it's important it's as heavenly,
comfy and white as possible because that's where I regain all my strength and forget the world
so it's needs to be the perfect escape from my long days
Welcome to my living room you guys! feel free to laze around and get comfortable
Let's move into the dining room you guys! Where it would be a mix those two
photos I rather prefer have white wood floors on the first photo

Anyway,Hope you enjoyed my dream home tour your welcome anytime! ;D

24 July, 2011


Ate at Scoops the other day,I'm happy there's more new food spots to discover around here
I saw this photo around my Tumblr dashboard, Wishing
I looked that pretty using my mac chillaxin' with music

 Oh and this morning I experimented in the kitchen and cooked Eggs In Basket!

22 July, 2011

Unplanned Sleepover!

       We all watched PROM and picked up Eunice on the way and had an unplanned
sleepover that evening before Clara left to Manila

this movie totally met my expectations if you know what I mean

The new pups with George!
  Strawberry Yogurt Drinks made by Clara's Dad  
goofing around with Clara's animal hat from Baguio (Okay,I so don't look like I'm goofing around)

The next day We baked lava cake and taught Clarissa how to ride a bike
which ended up as a total  fail and Eunice slipped and fell on her butt
when She was trying to demonstrate to Clarissa how to bike HILARIOUS

P i n k

One last day before Clara goes to Manila,We chilled at her casa
and I gave her a couple photography tips & as usual my sister was the subject

taken with Clara's Canon 60D

 That's right! My sister floats.

Manila - Bacolod on FiLM

Calea,Balay Quince Bacolod

Manila - Bacolod on film