29 April, 2011


I'm sorry I haven't updated for over a week or so we had a guest over and guess whooooooooo 
that's right Seed came over for a surprise visit! She stayed for 10 days and now I'm going to start blogging
almost every event we did in those 10 days so I apologize ahead for the SPAM! Haha
Oh and I love having Seed around cause I finally get photos of myself cause I'm always the one taking of everybody
and I don't get any that's the downside of being a photographer :(
First stop of the day woke up early in the mornin' to head out to Frankie's Pancake House 
to let her have a taste of their amazing apple cinnamon crepes and fluffy pancakes!

Right after we walked to the cool art house with all the greek god's you just feel so inspired with all the interesting art around it was fun and the owner was there so he personally took us around all 3 floors these are just some from the many we took at the house and we even took with film I can't wait til Seed develops those!


 I didn't bring my camera in the morning so these shots where mostly by Seed's Lumix & Canon
More to come from the shoot in that afternoon..

14 April, 2011

Testing out the Minolta

I have recently been recovering from something this past week it started on Friday and I haven't been out of the house since then and I almost forgot to post my past Friday! I was with Nikki  and I finally got to test out my Minolta and this was probably my first time using film and I'm quite happy with how the photos came out I really like the tones and colors in the photos & I can't wait to bring out my Minolta more

 Photos of me by Nikki 
Photos of Nikki by me