29 November, 2011


Just the other night I was relaxing in the living room with my laptop when my Dad wanted me to go outside to see his friend’s ATV which was awesome! I got excited and just had to get on it and ride, but couldn’t drive it cause it’s manual which is very confusing for me.

While my Dad was talking to the owner about the ATV I looked up at the night sky and noticed all the bright stars which don’t usually come out anymore but this week they’ve been so sparkly! Then I heard the Lord speak to me while I was looking up and tell me “Reach for the stars..” and it made me think about a few months back when I was at a special service with a guest pastor from New Zealand and I was given a word from God that the Pastor told me “Dream bigger dreams..

This is making me all realize I haven’t been expecting from God enough that He can do more than I ask or even think. I got used to not putting my hopes up sometimes and rather not expect at all than get hurt in the end. but that’s not what God wants He always wants to bless his children and He wants his children to learn to expect more greater, bigger things from Him and reach for the stars. For his thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways are higher than our ways! I know that God’s going to take me places, but if I’m always thinking small and expecting little, that’s exactly what I’ll get!
9For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

27 November, 2011

Hot Milktea, Hot Afternoon.

The Lazy Milk Tea Recipe:.

I n g r i d i e n t s :.
  1.  Half a glass of hot water 
  2. Lipton Tea 
  3. Brown Sugar
  4. Milk
  5. Ice Cubes
soak it.
Milk it. 
Sugar it.
 Ice it.

And there you go!

    And another:.

    And another sunglight flare I was able to catch 
    during around 4-5pm reflecting from the 
    glass canopy

    Last Day As Two:.

    A Breakfast Woo with my Sister at Cafe 1925
    My sister and I are savoring and making the most out of
    our last day as two, because our youngest sister & Eunice
    are coming back home tomorrow.

     We got into an intense game of pick up sticks. I haven't played that game in forever.
    Ricotta Donuts with chocolate and white vanilla dip

    R e c e n  t   P u r c h a s e:.
    I'm so happy to find this! I've been looking for dark grey sweat pants. Woot.

    26 November, 2011

    They're living MY PERFECT DAY

    That's Nina with Me (in balloon spirit)
    So right about today, My sister and all my friends hanged ATC (Alabang Town Center)
    pretty much living MY PERFECT DAY today while I'm here stuck in BCD doing nothing.
    They've been twitpic-ing me the whole time updating me with happy/painful news..
    This is Matteo & I.  We're so bagay noh?

    Recent Purchase/ Flares / Dinner

    I found this the other day window shopping with Jodi. It's definitely a good find!

     If you've noticed, I love playing around with the sunlight flare's..
     Tried the new fried chicken at the Korean Resto this evening with my Mom and elder sister. 
    Tasted just like BonChon. Oh, how I enjoyed it.
     We decided to check out a new restaurant around town. It was on a soft opening. 
    The cream puffs where delightful ( I'm not a cream puff person ).

    24 November, 2011

    Price-less Moments

    I'm starting to miss last weekend.
    • J o d i .
    • walking barefoot all over the subdivsion.
    • lying on the warm cement floor in the middle of the road.
    • boarding barefoot 
    • jumping into the pool to cool down after a hot afternoon
    • fried chicken

    23 November, 2011

    Recent Purchases:.

    I forgot to post the extremely creative give away's that we took hom from Elle & Ina's party!
    Now, I know I'm ready if ever there's an Apocalypse. I have my apoc kit with me.
    Jodi went on a trip to Roxas and She got me the cooliest necklace!
    While Seed, got me doughnut earings! So sweet!
    And Seed also got me a matching bear case so we both have one! 
    and I bought meself this beautiful floral case at Greenhills!
    I was passing by this at SM and I couldn't stop starring at it for some reason and imagining how
    beautiful that shirt would look with skinny jeans and pumps! I had no intention of buying it, next thing you know I was able to. All thanks to my mommy!
    Oh, I got bored one evening and felt this shirt needed a make-over.

    22 November, 2011

    Cousin Bonding:.

    A compilation of random trippings I did with my cousin since Sunday. 

     I couldn't get over how beautiful the sky was that afternoon.
    Of course, the day aint over til we get our pizza fix!