07 January, 2012


1st breakthrough of the year! IKAW NA TALAGA LORD! 
Proof that fully trusting in God grants the desires of your heart ♥ 
"God, delighting you always.." 
  • Canon 5d Mark II  
  • 35mm f 1.4 
  • 24-70mm f 2.8  
  • Lumix GF2 
I am so kilig right now! The Lord is just so good to me! I've been making sure these babies
are taken care of well.. I'm so careful with them and if I see a little speck of dirt
I try to clean it right away! Still trying to contemplate the perfect name for my baby..

 celebrated in Starbucks, where I finally got that donut I've been craving for weeks has is finally
available again!

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